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We are a voluntary non profit organization based in Visakhapatnam, India.

We have been doing environment related activities from October 2011. We got registered on 29th of September 2014 in Andhra Pradesh with Regd No 665 of 2014

Our motto is to make people more environmental conscious and make them live a carbon neutral and eco-friendly life. Primarily our organization aims at educating the younger generation esp the children.

Our team consists of a wide range of people including students, employees, women, business people. We all have different skillsets and together we use it to make our event successful with minimum resources and as green as possible.

Vision and Mission
Our Vision:
"A clean, green and sustainable world."

Our Mission:
"To educate, inspire and empower people to lead a green and sustainable life."

All the events that we conduct are green - WE NEVER USE ANY FLEX BANNERS in any of our events.
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